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Keep checking regularly to find out about events, local businesses and community groups, check planning applications, read the council minutes and generally keep in touch with what is going on in your parish. You can also check the dates of the parish council meetings and come along to the open forum.  If you would like to give us feedback or ask any questions, please do so using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The annual report and accounts are now available here.

Yapham cum Meltonby Parish Council


Clerk: Sadie Rothwell-Inch, Neann Croft, Seaton Ross, YORK, YO42 4LT Tel.01759 319122

Provisional dates for future scheduled parish council meetings are:

Nov 12th 2019, Dec 10th 2019, Jan 14th 2020, Feb 11th 2020, Mar 10th 2020


Dear Councillor

A meeting of Yapham cum Meltonby Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 12th November 2019 in the Village Hall, Yapham at 7.30pm. You are summoned to attend, if you are unable to attend, would you please contact me in order that I can record your apologies. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and may address the council during the Public Participation period. An agenda for the meeting is shown below.


143/19 Welcome and Apologies

144/19 To receive Declarations of Interest

145/19 To resolve that the meeting is temporarily suspended to allow for a period of Public Participation

1146/19 To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2019 as a true record

147/19 To receive the clerk's report on matters being progressed from previous meetings.

148/19 To consider the following planning applications:

19/03432/PLF: Construction of two-lane cricket net | Yapham Cricket Club Feoffee Lane Yapham East Riding of Yorkshire YO42 1PE | Application type: Full planning permission


19/03628/PLF | Erection of a single storey building to provide garage/trailer store/games room/gym and garden store following demolition of existing stables: Mr & Mrs Wilcock | Westfield Farm Feoffee Lane Yapham East Riding of Yorkshire YO42 1PF | Application type: Full planning permission


Also to note planning decision for: 19/02803/PLF | Erection of a single storey building for use as office/staff room/reception following removal of portacabin (retrospective), erection of a portal framed building for the storage of hay, straw and stable waste and erection of a stable block with tack room, wash room and feed store | (Resubmission of 18/01814/PLF) | Status: Application granted subject to outlined conditions.


149/19 To finalise the contents of the asset register for Insurance purposes and consider Insurance costs 2020/21

150/19 To consider the Positive Activity Grant 2019/20

151/19 To consider wildlife in the parish

152/19To consider the flooding outside Rowland Lodge and effects on the main highway.

153/19 Village Hall Events – an update

154/19 Telephone Box – To consider repairs

155/19 Accounts

The bank balance – To be confirmed at the meeting and in the subsequent minutes

To approve the payment: Clerk's salary for October - £139.43

156/19 To note correspondence (see below)

157/19 Councillors reports

158/19 Date of next meeting




3rd Oct

District Committee Meeting ER West -16th Oct

3rd Oct

Job Vacancy - Elloughton cum Brough TC

8th Oct

Job Vacancies at Selby Town Council

9th Oct

Venue change for 23rd October 2019

10th Oct

ERNLLCA Conference - 15th November

15th Oct

Job Vacancy - HOSM


ERYC Housing


4th Oct

Estimate of Rough Sleepers in the East Riding of Yorkshire


ERYC Overview and Scrtiny


11th Oct

Put Forward a topic for scrutiny


ERYC Planning


14th Oct

Planning Consultation for 19/03432/PLF Yapham Cricket Club

17th Oct

Forward - Openreach, Feoffee Lane Telegraph poles

24th Oct

Resubmission of 18/01814/PLF)The Stables Fangfoss Road Yapham Mill

4th Nov

Planning App:19/03628/PLF | Erection of a single storey building


ERYC Rural Services


2nd Oct

RSN Rural Funding Digest - October 2019 Edition

8h Oct

The Rural Bulletin - 8th Oct 2019

15th Oct

The Rural Bulletin - 15th Oct 2019

22nd Oct

The Rural Bulletin - 22nd Oct 2019

29th Oct

The Rural Bulletin - 29th Oct 2019


ERYC Monitoring Office


15th Oct

ERYC - Code of Conduct Revisions


ERYC Joint local Access Forum


31st Oct

Joint Local Access Forum Annual Report 2019


ERYC Anti Social Behaviour Team


24th Oct

ASB Six Month Statistics


ERYC Employment Services


14th Oct

Review of Allowances - Town and Parish Councils




21st Oct

ERYC - Positive Activity Grant

22nd Oct

ERYC - Dementia Friendly Communities

23rd Oct

SLCC - Training







Keep your keys and vehicles safe and don’t be a “2 in 1” Victim

The term “2 in 1 burglary” is used when there are two offences in one, for example when vehicle keys have been stolen in order for offenders to take a car/van from outside a property.

These crimes have usually been committed overnight and often the offenders have gained access to a house by forcing entry or by even using cat flaps and letter boxes to put an instrument into the house to unhook car keys from key hangers near to doors.

Here are some simple security measures that can be taken:

  • Keep all keys safe and out of sight. Never hang them near to doors where they could be taken through a letterbox or near an open window.
  •  Never leave house or car keys in an obvious place like a handbag or key cupboard.
  • If you’ve got a garage, use it rather than leaving your vehicle on the driveway or the roadside.  Always ensure that your garage is locked too.
  • Always keep your vehicle locked and secured. If your car doesn't have an alarm/immobilizer then consider getting one fitted.
  • Consider extra security such as a steering wheel lock. (Steering locks and gear level locks are often all that is needed to deter a thief as they simply don't want the hassle of breaking in and trying to get them undone.)
  • Never leave any property in your car or van when it is unattended. It takes criminals seconds to smash a window and grab something.
  • There is also a growing trend for work vans to be targeted and broken into, so keep valuable tools in your home overnight or at work.

It is clear that offenders are looking at locations and vehicles prior to coming back to commit the crimes. This could simply be someone looking around an area during the day, someone pretending to do door to door sales, or someone coming to your home on another pretext.

So, if you get a “cold caller” ask yourself:

  • Is the caller coming to my home in any way suspicious?
  • Is the caller paying attention to my car or asking me questions about it?

If so, give Humberside Police a call on the Non Emergency number 101 to report your concerns.

If you’re selling your vehicle via a newspaper, a magazine or a website, remember that you’ll get callers coming to your home looking at your vehicle. If you do, do they seem legitimate? If in doubt, and can do so safely, get a description of the people who come to look at the car and, just as importantly, details of any vehicle they came in.

 If you’ve got any doubts, then let us know!

Please see the attached link with some guidance about doorstep callers and how to be safe and secure.

East Riding Council can also be contacted if you believe such persons are acting in your area. You can also contact ERYC in relation to making your area a no cold calling zone

Yorswitch Heating Oil

Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council ( HWRCC) are working in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to deliver a bulk buying scheme for heating oil. The scheme aims to save members money by bringing communities together to make the most of their bulk buying power. For more information visit the HWRCC website

Council Tax Reductions

Are you disabled and need to use a wheelchair in your home? Or perhaps you are caring for a disabled person? Did you know there are council tax reductions available?For more information click here.


Do you have trouble arranging transport for hospital or medical appointments ? Try Medibus for a pre-booked door-to-door service. For more information call 03456 44 59 59  or click here.

Reporting Potholes or damage to roads and pavements

If you see potholes or damage to roads or pavements you can report it directly to East Riding of Yorkshire Council by clicking here.

Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is the unauthorised dumping of waste on land which is not licensed to receive waste. If you want to report fly tipping or would like to know how to dispose of waste please click on this link.

Anyone from the local area who wishes to grow fruit and vegetables should contact the Association to apply or request further information.  Please click here for the 'contact us' facility on the Association's website

Les Smith and Steve Parry from Yapham Cricket Club have set up a blog about the history of the Club

Please take a look by clicking here and, if possible, contribute to help build a living record of the club


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